A Boiler Service


  • Boiler fired to check for faults
  • Casing removed, components cleaned & checked
  • Flue Test to check boilers emissions are safe
  • Gas tightness survey to check for leaks

An Appliance Service


  • Covers everything from Gas Burner to Hobs
  • Give your chosen appliance an MOT
  • Ensure they are running efficiently
  • Reduce risk of costly a breakdown and potential hazard

A Powerflush will:


  • Remove debris, rust and sludge that clog up your heating system
  • Restore the full circulation of water around your system
  • Restore slow heating systems, noisy boilers and cold radiators so they run like new

Complete Package Saver


  • Powerflush
  • Boiler Service
  • Appliance Service
  • Together for just £499 and save £141!